Yoga Class Offerings

Class Descriptions

Gentle Flow

A gentler style of yoga with an emphasis on stretching performed at a slower pace. This class offers extended time in poses for breathwork, intentional focus, connection, alignment, and mindful strength building. A great class for beginners or anyone looking to slow things down a bit and find a deeper connection to their practice.


This class is open to all levels. Connect breath (pranayama) to poses (asanas) in a flowing sequence of movement. Cultivate a deep sense of mindfulness and connection to your inner essence. Increase your strength, flexibility, and mobility while you find balance and clarity that you can apply to the flow of life.


Yin is a supportive practice that works deeply into the body with longer-held poses. Yin offers many benefits for flexibility, balancing the mind and body, deepen relaxation, improve joint mobility, releases fascia, and brings balance to organs through meridian stimulation.


This class focuses on releasing tension in the muscles with the use of props to achieve comfort. Restorative yoga is incredibly supportive and aids our healing capacity by regulating our stress response. It is the art of conscious relaxation that will give you the skills to self-soothe.

Divine Connection

This class is open to anyone looking to have a spiritual connection with their practice and is open to all levels. A vinyasa class with emphasis on a spiritual practice that will give you a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit. Classes are themed around principles of yoga offering you a new path in your personal and spiritual growth.


This class is a fusion of Hatha and Yin. Hatha places special emphasis on controlled breathing and postures and brings balance to your solar and lunar energies, masculine and feminine attributes of the body and mind. Fused with Yin to further adding emphasis to harmony in the body and mind.

Heated Flow

HEAT up your practice in a 90° room and finish it off with a cool lavender scented towel. It’s a different kind of sweat.

Sunrise FLow

This class is for the early risers. A morning flow to help energize you. All levels welcome.

Breathe & Flow

A class designed to incorporate pranayama (breath control) techniques into practice. Pranayama is the main component to our practice allowing us to direct the mind away from patterns of the thinking mind. 

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